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Windows 7 Aio 24in1 2013 Iso Multi Language

[---------- INCLUDES ----------](#) Windows 10 Updates:* All Windows 10 22H2 Updates are included until 10.1(January).2023:1. KB890830-v5 - Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, version 5.109.19957.1.2. KB2267602 - Security Intelligence Updates for Windows Defender Antivirus, version 1.381.2018.0.3. KB4052623 - Update for Windows Defender Antivirus antimalware platform, version 4.18.2211.5.4. KB4559309 - Microsoft Edge (Chromium), version 108.0.1462.76.5. KB4589212-v2 - Intel Microcode Updates.6. KB5007401 - Critical .NET Framework 3.5 Dynamic Update.7. KB5011048 - .NET Framework 4.8.1 Base, version 9110.10.8. KB5012170 - Security Update for Secure Boot DBX, version 19041.1880.9. KB5015684 - Feature Update 22H2 Enablement Package, version 19041.1799.10. KB5020377 - Setup Dynamic Update.11. KB5020881 - Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and KB5021043 - Safe OS Dynamic Update.13. KB5022282 - Cumulative Update for Windows 10, OS build 19045.2486.(#) Windows 10 Runtime Libraries:* DirectX End-User Runtime v9.29.1974 (June 2010).* Visual C++ Redistributable 2002 v7.0.9975.0.* Visual C++ Redistributable 2003 v7.10.6119.0.* Visual C++ Redistributable 2005 SP1 v8.0.50727.6229.* Visual C++ Redistributable 2008 SP1 v9.0.30729.7523.* Visual C++ Redistributable 2010 SP1 v10.40219.473.* Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 Update 5 v11.0.61135.400.* Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 Update 5 v12.0.40664.0.* Visual C++ Redistributable 2015-2022 v14.34.31931.0.* Visual Basic Runtime v1.00.* Visual Basic Runtime v2.0.9.8.* Visual Basic Runtime v3.0.5.38.* Visual Basic Runtime v4.0.29.24.* Visual Basic Runtime v5.2.82.44.* Visual Basic Runtime v6.1.98.39 (SP6 Update KB3096896).(#) Pre-Configured Windows 10 Settings:* .NET Framework 3.5 = Installed.* OneDrive Auto Install = Disabled.* Diagnostic Data Collection = Disabled.* Show all File Extensions = On.* Show hidden files, folders and drives = On.* File Progress Dialog = Detailed.* Combine Taskbar Buttons = Never.* Windows Theme Color = Storm.* Windows Theme Accent Color = On.* Browser Media Auto-Play = Off.* Default Browser = Firefox.* Default Media Player = Media Player Classic.* Default File Archiver = 7-Zip.(#) Additional Applications:* Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus (Online Installer v2.3.6).* 7-Zip v22.01(With a few Preconfigured Settings).* Mozilla Firefox v108.0.2 (With a few Preconfigured Settings).* K-Lite Codec Pack Full v17.3.5 (With a few Preconfigured Settings).* OpenHashTab v3.0.2.[---------- INFORMATIONS ----------]* Enterprise has the most Features.Windows 10 Home Single LanguageWindows 10 HomeWindows 10 Home NWindows 10 ProWindows 10 Pro NWindows 10 Pro EducationWindows 10 Pro Education NWindows 10 Pro for WorkstationsWindows 10 Pro for Workstations NWindows 10 EducationWindows 10 Education NWindows 10 EnterpriseWindows 10 Enterprise NWindows 10 Enterprise multi-session / Virtual DesktopsWindows 10 IoT EnterpriseWindows 10 Team* Description about the Windows 10 Editions: _10_editions* Description about Windows 10 N: -feature-pack-for-windows-10-n-and-windows-10-kn-editions-229a1ad7-7a3f-87f7-9f0b-ff92fb96b3e4(#) General:* After the Installation update the Microsoft Apps at "START Menu -> Microsoft Store -> ... (top right corner) -> Downloads and updates -> Get updates".* All the Windows 10 Language Packs can be downloaded directly from the Language Settings Menu at: "Settings -> Time & Language -> Language -> Add a language".* This Windows 10 was not in Audit-Mode and was compiled with the Microsoft DISM tool and is based on the Windows 10 19041.1 en-US source.* All the included extras can be modified or removed in the ISO\Disc folder ".\sources\$OEM$" (Removing the $OEM$ folder will also remove the update #1 and update #4).* To set you own pre-confurated borwser start page, simply edit the files "initial_preferences" and "firefox.cfg" with a text editor in the ISO\Disc folder ".\sources\$OEM$" or in the Hard Disk Drive folder "C:\Program Files" and "C:\Program Files (x86)".* A Windows 10 Activator is not included, but a Text file is placed on the Desktop with a direct download link to a good working Activator.* System Requirements (MinimumRecommended): 13 GigaHertz Processor with 24 Cores, 28 GigaBytes of RAM, DirectX 9 Graphics card, 30120 GigaByte of free Hard Disk storage.(#) How to do a fresh Windows 10 installation:1. Burn the Windows 10 ISO file on a DVD disc by using a Brun program like CDBurnerXP ( ) or use Rufus ( ) to create a bootable USB Flash Drive with the Windows 10 ISO file.2. Do a BACKUP of your important files on a separate Drive.3. To avoid accidentally creating a Windows 10 Online Account or running into the Account bug (Other user), disconnect your Computer from the Internet before you install.4. At the Windows 10 Setup menu select "Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)".5. Delete all the old Windows Partitions and then click on install (Be very careful to select the correct hard disk drive).

Windows 7 Aio 24in1 2013 Iso Multi Language

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32-bit MSDN Sources:en_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x86_dvd_u_677460.isoen_windows_7_professional_n_with_sp1_x86_dvd_u_677328.isoen_windows_7_professional_with_sp1_vl_build_x86_dvd_u_677896.isoen_windows_7_enterprise_with_sp1_x86_dvd_u_677710.isoen_windows_7_enterprise_n_with_sp1_x86_dvd_u_677703.iso64-bit MSDN Sources:en_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_677332.isoen_windows_7_professional_n_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_677207.isoen_windows_7_professional_with_sp1_vl_build_x64_dvd_u_677791.isoen_windows_7_enterprise_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_677651.isoen_windows_7_enterprise_n_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_677704.isoInstallation Indexes:Windows 7 Starter / N SP1 / OEM / Pre-ActivatedWindows 7 Home Basic / N SP1 / OEM / Pre-ActivatedWindows 7 Home Premium / N SP1 / OEM / Pre-ActivatedWindows 7 Professional / N / VL SP1 / OEM / Pre-Activated / KMS-ActivatedWindows 7 Ultimate / N SP1 / OEM / Pre-ActivatedWindows 7 Enterprise / N SP1 / KMS-ActivatedRelease File: Win7AIO-28in1-SP1-x86-Dec2014-FINAL.isoSize: 4.36 GBSHA-1: E6624094B3CA126905A70AA32588E2E09899350DRelease File: Win7AIO-24in1-SP1-x64-Dec2014-FINAL.isoSize: 5.85 GBSHA-1: B7F0F43E4FF1EB04E75FD7DE8C80E69A7476FD10Language: en-US (English - United States)Tools used:- Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset 7.0.- ImageX for image compression, renaming, and export.- DISM for Windows Updates integration and mounted file copy.- OSCDIMG for ISO mastering.- Added Info folder to Setup dir to annoy credit thieves.DISM /add-package (IE11, PreReqs, and KB2929437):KB2670838, KB2726535, KB2729094-v2, KB2786081, KB2834140,, IE-Hyphenation, IE-Spelling-enDISM /add-package (Main Updates):KB2479943, KB2491683, KB2506014, KB2506212, KB2506928-v2, KB2509553,KB2511455, KB2515325, KB2532531, KB2536275, KB2536276-v2, KB2544893,KB2545698, KB2547666, KB2552343, KB2560656, KB2563227, KB2564958,KB2570947, KB2574819-v2, KB2579686, KB2585542, KB2592687, KB2603229,KB2604115, KB2619339, KB2620704, KB2621440, KB2631813, KB2640148-v2,KB2647753-v4, KB2653956, KB2654428, KB2656356, KB2660075, KB2667402-v2,KB2676562, KB2685811, KB2685813, KB2685939, KB2690533, KB2698365,KB2705219-v2, KB2709630, KB2712808, KB2718704, KB2719857, KB2727528,KB2729452, KB2732059-v5, KB2732487-v2, KB2732500-v2, KB2736422, KB2742599,KB2750841, KB2761217, KB2763523, KB2770660, KB2773072, KB2789645,KB2791765, KB2798162, KB2799926, KB2800095-v2, KB2803821-v2, KB2807986,KB2808679, KB2813347, KB2813430, KB2820331, KB2832414, KB2835361,KB2836942, KB2836943-v2, KB2839894, KB2840149, KB2840631, KB2843630-v3,KB2846960, KB2847077, KB2847311, KB2847927, KB2852386, KB2853952,KB2861191, KB2861698, KB2862152, KB2862330-v2, KB2862335, KB2862966,KB2862973, KB2864058, KB2864202, KB2868038, KB2868116, KB2868626,KB2871997-v2, KB2872339, KB2882822, KB2884256, KB2887069, KB2888049,KB2891804, KB2892074, KB2893294, KB2893519, KB2894844, KB2900986,KB2908783, KB2911501, KB2912390, KB2913152-v2, KB2918077, KB2918614,KB2919469, KB2922229, KB2926765, KB2928562, KB2929733, KB2931356,KB2937610, KB2939576, KB2943357, KB2957189, KB2957503, KB2957509,KB2961072, KB2966583, KB2968294, KB2970228, KB2971850, KB2972100,KB2972211, KB2972280, KB2973112, KB2973201, KB2973351, KB2976897,KB2977292, KB2977728, KB2978092, KB2978120, KB2978668, KB2978742,KB2979570, KB2980245, KB2984972, KB2984976, KB2985461, KB2991963,KB2992611, KB2993651, KB2993958, KB3001554, KB3002885, KB3003743,KB3005607, KB3006121, KB3006226, KB3006625, KB3008627, KB3009736,KB3010788, KB3011780, KB3013126, KB3013410, KB3014406, KB971033,KB982018-v3DISM /add-package (2nd Pass) Updates:KB2830477, KB2857650, KB2923545, KB2965788, KB2984981, KB2994023DISM /add-package (IE11 Updates):KB2976627, KB3008923, KB3025390DISM /add-package (7.6.7600.320 Windows Update - Self-Update):WUClient-ActiveX, WUClient-Aux-TopLevel, WUClient-Core-TopLevelOOBE.cmd phase:If OEM-Activated index, will load custom graphics logos and backgroundsbased on the motherboard manufacturer of your system. If Intel it willload intel graphics. You get the idea. It also attempts to set the OEMactivation.SetupComplete.cmd phase:- KB2533552 (online-only update).- Winloader and reboot if Activated (except KMS) index.Features:- Internet Explorer 11.- Default, KMS-Activated, OEM-Activated, and Pre-Activated indexes.- DaRT7.0 recovery-mode options integrated into boot and WinRE.- UEFI boot info/data added to ISO.Credits:qad, CODYQX4, murphy78 and others - AutoQAD method v6 KMS activatorDaz - Windows Loader 2.2.2 Activatormurphy78 - Integration, ISO design and testingsearchengine - Multi-Brand activation OOBE folder projectEnjoy!murphy78 350c69d7ab


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