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Gabriel Ross
Gabriel Ross

The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug ...

Personaly i really enjoyed the first movie. Found it followed really well the book but this follow up has really disapointed me. so many little things missing from the book. dont know if u noticed but for one the enchanted forest didnt make them cross the poisonous river.. the whole love story put me off aswell. actually got bored half way through the film.. Im still wondering how bard is going to find out about smaughs weak spot as there were no birds around to listen in on smaghs and bilbos conversation... too many little details missing and adding some ridiculous extra story lines.. did like the comment from legolas to gloin telling him how his son was ugly. XD poor gimli.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug ...

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[Portion removed.] The second film was superior to the first in every regard! There was better pacing, better action, better set design, better character development, an actual antagonist (two really: the orcs and smaug), even the color pallets was better - the Hobbit looks like it was filmed through a mud brown filter. I seriously cannot possibly fathom how anyone could prefer the first movie to the second unless you are a purist and are that bothered by the artistic license taken with aspects of the second film. I\\\'ll be seeing desolation at least 3 times. If I never see the Hobbit again it will be too soon.

I just have to say, I loved the lord of the rings trilogy. Peter Jackson was amazing in every way while making it (even though almost every battle with orcs was in sunlight, which almost all orcs can`t stand).The same can not be said about the hobbit trilogy. The first one I found was great, with all the added in details put in perfectly and nothing that I could see really missing that matters, and Jackson adding an antagonist that keeps many non-Tolkein readers entertaind. The desolation of smaug is a different story. So much unneccasary stuff was added in! A love story between a dwarf and an elf, a morgul arrpw hitting kili, 4 dwarves staying in laketown, it just doesn`t fit. And the fact that Peter Jackson seemed to ignore so much of the book to add his own ideas, like the dwarves trying to steal weaponsIin laketown and smaug and bilbo having a talk about how he would be bringing his treasure home. Even all the orcs having matching armor with great weapons although they were realy from poverish caves and could care less about matching armor sets. I just can`t see myself buying the movie to watch it for years to come like I did for the first one.To you all who actually read my endless ramblings thank you for listening to my opinion. 041b061a72


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