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[S6E10] Paradise Lost

I am glad Ian is doing well. But still he was only okay this episode, he was his best last week. Also am I supposed to like that Caleb is telling Ian to lie to work? I still am not a fan of this relationship. Sorry. They lost me that episode three weeks ago at the wedding and they won't ever get me to like them. Its the shows fault.

[S6E10] Paradise Lost

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Before I had Showtime, I watched the UK Shameless on Hulu. The US version of season 1 closely followed the UK version. But, after the first season in the UK the girl who played Fiona fell in love and married the guy who played Steve and they both left the show. Within 3-4 seasons, all of the Gallagher children had sort of scattered and the show focused on the Maquire family, the UK version of the Mickolvitzs (sp?) Mention this because at that point I lost interest in the show, and signed up for Showtime. But, to close the loop I watched the last episode of the UK version. Fiona came back to town! Of course all the Gallagher kids were now adults, so to justify Fiona's return they had to have some young children that she could rescue so they had Monica and Frank conceive a new child. Fiona came back to take the child from Monica and Frank and raise it as her own. Well long story to get to this point, but Carl became a police officer in the UK Shameless world! So, the US is still mirroring the UK story.

Agreed with the above-a paid internship is by no means the norm for undergrads. Lip doesn't attend an Ivy; he goes to a state school that wouldn't necessarily have the funds to support students at that level. In any case, if his research work is supposed to be supporting him, it would be nice if the show communicated that in some way. The last couple seasons, they've really lost touch with the small but important indicators of the Gallaghers' low SES. It used to be one of the most consistent parts of the show, and now it's like they remember once in awhile that they're supposed to be poor and throw in a quick mention as an afterthought.

If I recall correctly, the school Lip is attending is private. He had work study, which is why he had that cafeteria job at first. The RA job took the place of that (and being an RA is good even for people who don't have work study because it means you get to live in the dorms for free and your meal plan is taken care of). After he lost his RA job, I thought he would get another work study job. All the good ones are usually taken early in the semester but there are always jobs available (just not as desirable). Being a TA is usually a paid position so he should be getting some money from that (although in my experience, the majority of TAs are grad students, not undergrads - and isn't Lip only in his second year of undergrad?).

Surprisingly, our next sweet moment comes from Tayshia and JPJ. Guess all hope hasn't been lost after all! He tells her he's here for her and doesn't want to put any pressure on her. She tells him it really bothered her that it felt like he was pressuring her. It felt like he was giving her an ultimatum. But... she does have a soft spot for him. She likes that he likes her (OK...) but also does seem to love his weird, goofy side. Case in point: He sprints into the water to catch a fish with his bare hands, then brings it to her to "kiss it," then springs back into the sea screaming, "I don't want him to die!" Honestly, if he hadn't gone off on Derek (so. many. times.), I'd love him!

Clarke and Bellamy have lost and failed and had their hearts broken so many times over that one might be forgiven for thinking that this really is a story about the last people on Earth slowly learning that love really is weakness and hope is for fools and we should all just lie down and wait for inevitable doom because nothing matters anyway.

From the very beginning, DS9's darker aesthetic, more antagonistic characters and less Utopian setting were somewhat controversial among die-hard fans of Gene Roddenberry's universe. As Ira Steven Behr, speaking in 1996 (about halfway through the show's seven-year run), stated, "At the beginning of Deep Space Nine's life, there was feelings that this was not a show that Gene would approve of by some of the fans, feeling that, you know, we had gone away from the image of the future as a paradise, that we had much more conflicts between our people, life isn't always great. But I think Gene, just by his very nature as a creative individual, as a writer, as a forward-thinking person, knows that any franchise has to move forward like a shark, or it dies. And I think he would understand what we're doing, and I think he would like what we're doing, and I think we're in the pocket of the Star Trek universe, and we try to push the envelope. And I see nothing wrong with that, and I have a hard time believing that Gene would see anything wrong with that." (New Frontiers: The Story of Deep Space Nine, DS9 Season 2 DVD special features) The sense that DS9 was too "dark" to be a Star Trek show only increased over the years, with episodes such as "Nor the Battle to the Strong", "In the Pale Moonlight" and "The Siege of AR-558", and topics such as Section 31 charting territory never before seen on a Star Trek show, and creating a great deal of controversy among fans of both The Original Series and The Next Generation.

Due to the non-episodic nature of DS9, some of the series was lost on the casual viewer when it first aired. Many also believe that the changing television landscape contributed to DS9's ratings trouble, as local TV stations which had aired TNG in prime time became WB and UPN affiliates and pushed syndicated programming to the margins. Subsequent Star Trek shows Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise had network support from UPN and a guaranteed time slot. DS9 was also the only series to run opposite another Star Trek show (first The Next Generation, then Voyager) for the entirety of its run (the first twelve episodes of the third season aired without another series on). Additionally, certain markets, notably in the UK, would only play one Star Trek series, in its entirety, at a time. Thus, events alluded to in The Next Generation or Voyager that happened in Deep Space Nine took months to "sync up." 041b061a72


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