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Where To Buy Corelle Fixed

I did see the better prices at I stopped by Walmart today but they didn't carry the Hearthstone line, so I think I'm just going have to order them without seeing them in person. The only problem is that I love the green color but that only comes in the square plates with the slopey sides. I think I may get a set of both the yellow and red in the round, but get the green for foods like stir fry. The pictures on the Corelle website where they combine the different color sets are really nice looking.

where to buy corelle

It sounds like my speculation above is indeed true--Corelle isn't Corelle anymore, it's just a brand name that's been sold off to some folks who make stuff that's nowhere near as durable as the old Corelle. :-(

Wow funny this thread is here...My sister and I share the holidays now (Thanksgiving and Christmas) We both own china service of 12 but of course different patterns...Anyway we usuallay seat between 24-30 so we use good quality paperplates (YUK!!) so we decided were gonna buy a good set...we like the traditiinal Lenox Christmas with the ribbon and holly and this morning i was online and came across Corelle's holiday dishes...granted its not China but the Lenox will run us at least 4000.00 and the Corelle 500.00 and we wont have to cringe everytime someone makes a move at the dining room banquet table!!! Big fan of corelle and the holiday patterns are beautiful. Think were gonna go this route I emailed them to ask if they had and plans to make ones for Thanksgiving....My dream for sometime now is to purchase JOHNSON BROTHERS AUTUMN MONARCH!!!!!! Will buy at some point off Ebay or Replacement Ltd i think Hubby will choke me LOL!!! 041b061a72


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