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Allen Wilson
Allen Wilson

Cute Boy, Bear Big Black Cock.

BERT KITCHEN brings an interesting new approach to beginner books. Big black numbers covered with crawling, sprawling creatures teach the counting of animals in Animal Numbers (Dial Books, New York, $11.95, 22 pp., ages 5 to 8). And the emphasis is on ``animal.'' The reader is not just counting numbers, but also counting animals and their offspring. Kitchen's illustrations are detailed and anatomically correct, if not cute and cuddly. In fact, his choice of certain animals is so unusual that this book may be more helpful in a second-grade science lesson, rather than in a kindergarten counting class.

Cute boy, bear big black cock.

A few years later a farmer and his two half-grown sons, marking out the good creek bottom land for homesteading, discovered the black opening in the wooded bluff. The boys' curiosity lead them to explore. It was they who called it Bear Cave because the opening looked like a partly opened bear's mouth. Once inside, the roomy interior looked like the hollow inside of the bear's mouth. 350c69d7ab


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