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Eyes The Horror Game Old Versionl

Eyes - The Horror Game (Old Version) is a thrilling, horror game for Android. You play as a security guard trying to collect money from an abandoned building. But beware - something is lurking in the darkness. As you explore the creepy rooms, you must keep your eyes peeled for any sign of danger. With each step, the tension mounts as you try to outwit whatever is lurking in the shadows.

Eyes The Horror Game Old Versionl

Eyes - The Horror Game (Old Version) is an intense and thrilling experience. You will be tested to the limit as you explore the abandoned building. With its immersive atmosphere and gripping gameplay, this is a must-play horror game for Android.

This Game Is Only Available On PC (I'm not the developer of this game, I just posted this game for fun) What is the essence of this game (You have entered an abandoned building and you have to take 20 bags and leave the building because there is a bloodthirsty monster.PYou can find eyes you need to see where the monster.)

Despite the proliferation of zombie-themed games on iOS and Android of late, it's amazing how few truly scary titles are available on the platform. I mean, even the best horror games on mobile aren't THAT frightening, in truth.

You might assume that a smartphone game maker is incapable of frightening the player in the same fashion as the designer of a big-screen home console release, but the developer of Eyes - the horror game throws that theory right out of the window.

Though the dimly light environment is spooky enough - especially when you're in a dark corridor which suddenly becomes illuminated by a flash of lightning from outside - the most alarming element in Eyes - the horror game by far is the spirit which stalks the seemingly deserted abode.

Your only hope of survival is to run in the opposite direction until the ghost gives up its chase. It's these terrifying attempts at escape which lend Eyes - the horror game its incredibly fraught atmosphere.

Eyes - the horror game is quite easily one of the scariest mobile games we've ever played. Experienced in a darkened room with the volume up high, it's just as foreboding and harrowing as any other spooky video game out there.

Great game with thousands of downloads now available for iOS too! Scary as slender.. but not another slender-like!"Eyes is a definite must-have for any fan of horror games." - Bunch of Gamers"Scary game with great graphics!This game is very enjoyable, and its pretty new, so I cant wait to see more awesome updates! One of the best horror games on [...] so far!" - anonymous userFree first person perspective indie horror game. If you like Slender, you'll like it too.Search an old, abandoned house and collect any valuables but be careful - there are rumors of a ghost haunting the building. Experience fear and deep horrifying atmosphere.---They told you it would be easy. Just break-in, grab all the stuff and get back to the door. They didn't know that house was not empty. And those creepy eyes on the wall.. You know she's coming for you, don't you?

Horror is the staple of any media and video games often take it to a level we never imagined we would love so much. Scary video games can be ultra-immersive, and that feeling of really being there makes the horror all the more adrenaline-pumping.

The list below contains fifty of the best scary games of all-time, going all the way back to the 90s. Though horror has come a long way since games like Alone In The Dark, it is important to see where the genre has come from, how it has grown since, and how diverse the scares have become.

This would not be a true horror list without mentioning Alien Isolation. This game is horror survival like no other before it, basically playing like a giant game of hide n seek between you and a xenomorph. In this game, you really felt like if you did not run fast enough, the big black alien would surely kill you. You may have a gun, but the game is specifically geared to make sure you hardly use it.

The catch, as there always is in a horror game, is that they cannot see you if you are in the dark. Problem is, your sanity takes a nosedive if you spend more than a few minutes in complete darkness. Your sanity is not just a meter in the top right-hand corner either, your vision gets shaky and your breath quickens until your own panic is all you can hear.

If you can find someone who likes horror games, but has not played Amnesia yet, watching them play will be so pure and hilarious. Amnesia, without a doubt, is worth paying money for. Maybe keep the lights on though, and let your heart settle into a more steady rhythm.

Fatal Frame is pure Japanese horror in game form. If you ever managed to get through the Japanese version of The Ring, you can understand the enormous differences between what Americans think is horror, and what horror really is. Fatal Frame has one main mechanic that has since been unmatched in other horror games, your Camera Obscura. This fancy camera allows you to attack spirits, but one snap is never enough to do the trick. You must keep the spirit as close to the center of the frame as possible, snap a picture, and then do it again until they are freed or gone entirely.

Manhunt may not have jump scares or ghosts, but it does have violence and the kind of subtle psychological scares that horror games rarely bother with. The situation and your actions really make you think about what your life and that of others are really worth.

Soon enough, your investigation will take a back seat as you just try to survive the horrors within your mind. Observer may suffer from the occasional break in pacing and linear path glitches, but the overall game builds an enthrallingly dark world with even darker secrets to uncover.

And you do, the first half of this game is not suspicious at all if you do not know what is coming already. The poems for the literature club are getting a bit weird, but all poetry is weird, right? At one point the game ends rather abruptly, it looks like the game crashed. I assure you, it has not. Try again and play the game through again, you will notice some subtle differences that will make it clear why such an apparently cute anime game is on a top 50 horror games list.

One somewhat let down about this game, however, is that death does not have much in the way of consequences. You are immediately spawned at your last checkpoint and it is never far from where you were busy investigating. This might be because of the focus on exploration, wanting the player to be properly immersed and not wanting death to break that immersion. Whatever the case may be, The Land of Pain is a purely atmospheric horror game that is sure to keep you heading towards the next clue.

This game is not so much creepy or scary as it bloody and filled with faceless zombies to be shot down. The horror likely comes when a team fails to work together and has to rethink their strategies on the next play-through. I would not blame them, some of those zombie bosses can be downright terrifying.

This is the oldest game on this list and some consider it to be the game that popularized the survival horror genre, much the same way Wolfenstein popularized the FPS genre. Alone In The Dark is the first to really get survival horror right, from inventory management to being nearly defenseless against monsters.

Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, this game shows a lot of weird and wonderful monsters from the other side hiding in the oddest of places. Like a bathtub, for example, as any monster should in a horror game. As the player, you are equipped with melee combat weapons, usually a sword or dagger. In addition, the old controls force you to rethink combat very carefully and figure out how to properly hit your enemy without getting damaged yourself.

Unlike most horror crime games, Deadly Premonition also has survival elements. Not the lack of weapon type, but the feed your main character and make sure he puts on clean clothes type. It is an odd choice to be sure and does not really influence the main plot, though it is something that could be worked within a future sequel if there ever is one.

Japanese developers sure know horror and it is displayed yet again in Forbidden Siren. This game follows the events within a Japanese village called Hanuda. Isolated from the rest of the world, the village has some rather extreme religious beliefs that make living there, or even stumbling upon it, a study in survival and stealth.

This game technically counts as a puzzle platformer like its predecessor, but the dystopia in which it is set is unnerving enough to earn it a spot on this list. Inside is a platformer wherein you control a little boy who has to navigate his dystopian world. The goal of the game? Like any good game with horror elements, the goal is to survive. Inside complicates this process by making the player complete clever environmental puzzles throughout.

With over 200 Game of the Year awards since its initial release on the PS3, The Last of Us hardly needs an introduction. This survival horror game tasks your character, Joel, with chaperoning a young girl, Ellie, across post-apocalyptic America in a desperate attempt to cure humanity of a fungal infection that turns those affected into rabid, zombie-like monsters.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a detective-style horror game where you (surprise!) investigate clues and puzzles to determine just what happened to Ethan Carter. You as the investigating character Paul Prospero traverse the incredible open world of Red Creek Valley, WI as you come up against paranormal phenomena and clues that suggest something sinister has happened here.

One undeniably good thing about horror games is that virtually all consoles provide some options for every level of horror gamer. Personally speaking, my preference is to play these games on the PC. However, there are numerous scary games on Xbox Series X, as well as PS5. 350c69d7ab


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