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"I've always been such a massive Love Island fan and I'm so excited to be hosting one of the nation's favourite shows! I can't wait to get into the villa to meet all of the islanders," the 28-year-old said.

0 Love Island 2023

"After eight brilliant series, we are excited to be serving up two helpings of love in 2023 by kicking off in January at a stunning new villa in South Africa. We can look forward to more romances, bromances and everything in between as we embark on another epic year of love."

Winter Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX in 2023. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide or Streaming Guide, visit our Entertainment hub for the latest news.

Golden hour graces the makeshift villa surrounded by an ocean of concrete and city noise: love is in the air. To celebrate the fourth season of Love Island USA, Peacock transformed the streets of the meatpacking district into a star studded sanctuary filled with villa vibes.

As the sunsets on the villa, guests can kick back on white sandy beaches and lounge seating while being offered refreshments and chocolate covered strawberries. An impromptu dance party might even break out as the DJ mixes the latest Dua Lipa hits. Guests saunter out of the villa, glittering and tanned, with a Love Island goodie bag filled with island essentials.

In this challenge both the Main villa and Casa Amor are pitted against each other, with each of the teams having to take part in a number of small tasks where the islanders would need to get intimate with one another. The villa that manages to complete each task the quickest would score a point for their team, with the winners being the villa to have accumulated the most points at the end. The winning team at the end of the challenge, would be rewarded with a party.

Brand linked up with the newly-rebranded Leopards in 2021, scoring 14 tries in 36 games. He was a part of their promotion-winning side to Super League. The outside-back received shirt number 20 for the 2023 campaign, but did not feature in the opening game against Salford.

ITV confirmed this week, "2023 is officially the year of love! Love Island will kick start the New Year with a fresh batch of Islanders heading to South Africa, then we'll be back to Mallorca for eight love-filled weeks in the summer."

Follow the journey of single individuals as they try to find love by learning how to watch Love Island UK 2023 on 9Now in USA. The second winter edition of the reality program is set to be released on 9Now on January 18th, 2023.

Yes, there is. The official YouTube channel of Love Island uploaded the Love Island UK Season 9 trailer. The trailer introduces the 10 Islanders and also gives you a closer look at the luxurious villa where the islanders will be staying.

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Love Island involves a group of contestants, referred to as Islanders, living in isolation from the outside world in a villa in Mallorca, constantly under video surveillance. To survive in the villa the Islanders must be coupled up with another Islander, whether it be for love, friendship or money, as the overall winning couple receives 50,000. On the first day, the Islanders couple up for the first time based on first impressions, but over the duration of the series they are forced to "re-couple" where they can choose to remain in their current couple or swap and change.

Any Islander who remains single after the coupling is eliminated and dumped from the island. Islanders can also be eliminated via public vote, as during the series the public vote through the Love Island app available on smartphones for their favourite couple, or who they think is the most compatible. Couples who receive the fewest votes risk being eliminated. Often a twist has occurred where it has been up to the Islanders to eliminate couples. During the final week, the public vote for which couple they want to win the series and therefore take home 50,000.

Islanders get ready for a recoupling. This Summer's hottest bombshell, the Revolution x Love Island collection is here! Find your perfect match with bright, summer-shades, a glowing tan, flirty fragrances and all the accessories you need to get you island party-ready. Get grafting!

Extended measures have been introduced to protect both the Islanders and their families from the adverse effects of social media which have seen past islanders become the target of online attacks, hate and even death threats. 041b061a72


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