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Gabriel Ross
Gabriel Ross

[S2E2] Sweet Revenge

The story of the teenage girl Oh Ji Na, who get a note which can be used to take revenge on others by typing in their names. It involves handsome brothers Robin and Jae Yi, the neighbors and good friends of Oh Ji Na. They are caught up in a love triangle with her. Robin is a rebellious teen whereas Jae Yi is a model student and these two brothers have a secret that no one knows of. Oh Ji Na has a sister, Oh Sa Na, who gets involved with the brothers by falling in love with them at first sight.The series focuses on the troubles these young teens faced with, their character development, and how they deal with those issues, by also learning life lessons. The protagonist Oh Ji Na also finds her true love along her life journey. Edit Translation

[S2E2] Sweet revenge

Oh what a great day this had turned out to be, and boy was the sweet taste of revenge lovely in his mouth, and of course this was just the start. It was perfect to get his hands on Helena before she started to swell. She was just fantastic. Of course the best part was he was the only gynecologist for hundreds of miles, so unless she wanted to travel to the smoke there was no alternative. 041b061a72


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