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Buy Nvidia Shield Tablet Battery

Battery life is a little weak for a small tablet in a non-stop Wi-Fi test, nearly reaching seven hours, but we were more concerned with general device drain when we had the Shield Tablet turned off and taken around on the go; once we saw the issue and set a timer, we found a battery loss of about 25 percent when we left the device untouched for four hours.

buy nvidia shield tablet battery

Given that I have only had the tablet for less than a week, and that time was spent constantly streaming content, I can only give a partial review of the battery life for the SHIELD Tablet. However, even though it was a short time, I came away very impressed with how long this tablet can stay alive while gaming and outputting Full HD content to my HDTV in Console Mode. Since last Wednesday morning, I have charged the device twice, but it never got lower than 15%, and I used the Tablet each day for a solid amount of time. I played local games from Google Play, streamed over GRID Beta, and used GameStream to play Batman Arkham Origins while livestreaming to Twitch. I never ran into any battery issues during this time. To me, that is most impressive.

Nvidia has just announced a voluntary recall for some of the Shield tablets currently out in the wild due to concerns that the batteries may overheat and cause a fire. The affected models specifically should have been sold between June and July last year but if you want to double check you can go to your Android settings, select about tablet, hit status and check the code underneath your battery.

KitGuru Says: As far as we know, there haven't been any widespread reports of Shield tablet exploding or catching fire so it seems Nvidia has caught this fairly early on and is now trying to nip it in the bud. If you have a Shield tablet with battery code Y01 then make sure you get it replaced- better to be safe than sorry.

Neither, it must be said, are graphics intensive games friendly with the battery. Nvidia claims around 10 hours of battery life when playing back videos, and certainly, with everyday use I could get through a few days without needing to give the tablet a charge. That changed significantly when playing games, though. The more intensive the game, the more the battery life dropped. Certainly, with the likes of Half Life 2, I only managed to squeeze less than four hours out of the battery before it gave up the ghost.

That's not uncommon for tablets, though, and generally, the battery life is in the same ballpark as other tablets in this price range. One other thing to note about playing graphically intensive games is the heat generated by the tablet. Again, it's not uncommon for tablets to get hot while running 3D games, but the Shield Tablet got very toasty after an hour or so of gameplay. It's fine if you've got the thing propped up on a table, or next to your TV, but I certainly wouldn't want to be holding it for too long for those types of games. 041b061a72


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