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Best Place To Buy Bundesliga Tickets ((EXCLUSIVE))

I was wondering what the best way of purchasing tickets would be? Are the club websites quite reliable? Obviously for teams like Bayern, Schalke, Dortmund and Gladbach I imagine they sell out every week. But would other clubs websites be easier to get tickets from?

best place to buy bundesliga tickets


The best way is always through the clubs themselves. All of them have online ticketshops. What they all have in common is that they offer pre-sales for their members, so one has to check when the general sale for a match starts. Most release sales one game by one a couple weeks before matchday. Note also that dates aren't fixed until aprox 6 weeks in advance, depending on how the European competitions go for the Bundesliga clubs.

There are three different places at which you can buy guaranteed genuine tickets at non inflated prices and they are ticket vendors, ticket exchanges and the official websites of the soccer teams that you want to watch, so never be tempted to buy tickets from anywhere else as there will be risks in your doing so.

The team operates its own secondary market where fans can sell tickets to each other in a secure fashion with no markup aside from transaction fees. This was how I was able to buy a ticket with a great view only a week before the match (the fact that the match was also against newcomers SC Paderborn helped, but tickets are available for all matches on their marketplace)

Hey Dan, happy to read your post. I also want to go see FCB on april 28 th/ 2018. I have been looking for tickets and i havent bee able to find them yet. I see you email direct to the club. Is there anyway i could get the email address you wrote to, Is there in the Club page ? because i havent been able to find any contact address. Hope you could give me a hand with this, best regards !

I purchased tickets for saturday game and I think I have to collect them at stadium. I am travelling from abroad and have never been to stadium. Is there a specific ticket office or place at the stadium that I collect tickets?Thank YouJames

Hi,We are planning on visiting Berlin in may and we would like to purchase 4 tickets for the match against Magdeburg on the 12th of may.Is there a chance that we could buy these tickets, what is the best way to try, and when should we try this?

Hey guys!Myself and my family are coming over for the game against Jahn Regensburg, can we get the tickets delivered to us here in the UK? Or is it best to pick them up from the club itself?Thanks guys, Darrell ?

Hi, I would also like to attend the match against Weeder Bremen on 14th September. I am visiting from the UK, and do not know when tickets go on sale on the website. What is the best method of securing a ticket ahead of time? Can they be pre printed or available for collection? Or mailed to the UK in advance? Thanks.

Hi Naveen. The primary market is obviously the best way to get tickets ? But as a non-member that is difficult, we understand. The best way probably is to have friends in groundhopper circles (people whose hobby it is to visit stadiums everywhere), they are usually well-connected to local fan scenes with tickets. Secondary markets online and touts on matchday are at your own risk of course. Depending on the opponent, you might have a chance. good luck!

Hi Paul. If you have friends who are Union Berlin fan, that is by far the best way of course. Because most games sell out to members only. There is also a secondary ticket market on the official site as well, but tickets are usually picked up within seconds. Or go to Union bars the day before a match and ask around friendly. Good luck!

Dear Mr Hill, you have picked a nice match for the first one at the Alte Försterei. Unfortunately the matches against Bayern Munich are the hardest to get tickets for. The best thing you can do is write to the club themselves (website) with your request, they are the only ones able to help you. Good luck!

There is no need to wait in line at the venue box office for Bundesliga Soccer tickets when you can get the best seats available in the building with TicketSmarter. We have made it simple for you to navigate and find the best seats for you with a very easy to use and interactive seating chart shown above. This way you know where you will be sitting while watching a great sport event at Bundesliga Soccer.

Find Bundesliga Soccer tickets in a city near you with our event calendar shown above. Find out when your favorite music artist, band, sports team, or theatre production have an event going on close to your area and on the date that works best for you.

Bundesliga Soccer tickets are easy to have at your fingertips. With a few clicks, you can buy tickets from TicketSmarter. We have made it very easy to find the best seats and the best date or dates for you for nearly every event worldwide.

Bundesliga Soccer tickets are easy to get when you buy them from TicketSmarter. We have made it very easy to search for the best seats and the best date or dates for you. Whether you are looking for tickets in a stadium, arena or theatre, you can find tickets for an event in a city near you.

If you want to try to save money, you can wait until the last minute to try to buy cheap Bundesliga Soccer tickets. While this can save you money on occasion, it can also come at great risk because this show could be sold out. If you want to wait to attempt to buy cheap Bundesliga Soccer tickets, research shows the best pricing is between three to 7 days before the event.

If you decide to wait to buy last minute discount Bundesliga Soccer tickets, it is not a guarantee that the prices will drop. If this is a must-see event for you, it would be best to buy your tickets as soon as you find something you like. In most cases, the events that are in high demand sell out fast. offers the best tickets available in the Austrian T-Mobile Bundesliga category. Everyone knows how great Austrian T-Mobile Bundesliga events can be, and now's your chance to see the best Austrian T-Mobile Bundesliga events. You have access to millions of tickets across sports, concerts, and theater events at the tips of your fingers.

Thee Bundesliga remains one of the best attended football league in the world so customers have to move fast to catch the likes of Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund in action. Football Ticket Pad is the best place to be for Bundesliga tickets! Get yours now and enjoy all the thrills of another incredible Bundesliga season.

Still need a ticket for the match at short notice? Don't worry, just select 'Print@Home' when buying your ticket, print off the ticket at home and bring it to the stadium. In the 'My ticket' area, you can offer up your tickets in the ticket exchange and check their status - just log in and away you go. You can also use our simple surcharge payment service or print a replacement ticket.

In addition, ticket prices have come under scrutiny. According to the Barcelona International University of Catalonia, tickets in Spain are the most expensive of anywhere in Europe. Tickets in Spain equate to 4% of the average salary, whereas in the rest of Europe, most places do not reach 2.5%. 041b061a72


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