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THE CASH BRAND POOL GAME; Good Game to Play When By Yourself...

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Donald Duck Playing Pool


Players: 1

How to Play:

Just like any other game, start by racking the pool balls in the triangle but in no peculiar order. You start on Round 1. You will then go ahead and Break. Any balls made on the break will stay. You will then start hitting each ball in order starting at ball #1. You only get one shot at each ball. So whether you make or miss ball #1, your next shot will be going for ball #2. Then ball #3. Once you have gotten to ball #15, that is the end of round 1. You will continue going in order until you have gotten every ball pocketed. Keep track of how many rounds it takes you, and try to get a lower round than before. $

  • If Scratch, there is no consequence. Take the cue ball and place behind the 2 dots on whatever side you hit the previous shot. If your next ball is on that side, you must hit across the table and come back.

  • If hit wrong ball in pocket, take the ball out and place in the middle of the table. You will then have to skip ahead one ball on your next shot.

  • If hit correct ball in plus scratched, you will place the made ball back in the middle of table and place the cue ball behind the 2 dots on whatever side you hit the previous shot. You will then get a redo shot on that numbered ball.


Skilled level Pool Players usually shoot for a Round 3-5 exit

RECORD: Round 5, by Cash Collin

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The Cash Brand

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