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Gabriel Ross
Gabriel Ross

Milf Thong Blog [BETTER]

Chloe Vevrier is bright green like absinthe and she certainly will make you feel good like it. One sip of Chloe and her big boobs are already busting out of her corset top, and that tiny thong around her ankles.

milf thong blog

We love the minimal vibe that is created when wearing a cheeky thong bikini bottom. It is a style that can be so flattering and comfortable. As it has been a style that has slowly emerged over the last ten years in the U.S., we are thrilled it is here to stay and is being fully embraced.

The increased level of comfort given by thong bikini bottoms is incredible. With bikini bottoms that have more coverage, the constant adjusting to make sure to avoid a wedgie can be incredibly annoying. With thong bikini bottoms, they are designed to sit and mold to the contours of your body, meaning fewer adjustments and distractions.

Do you really think the couple down the beach on their vacation is thinking about why you wore a thong bikini to the beach? No. Everyone, for the most part, is in their own world. Blissfully unaware of the people surrounding them and taken up by the view of the ocean. If they are not, and on the off chance they wanted to spend their vacation thinking about other people's clothing preferences... We don't care about what they're thinking anyway. It's 2022, girls can wear thong bikini swimsuits and not care what other people think. Strut your stuff and let your confidence shine through. 041b061a72


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