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Elisha Osipov
Elisha Osipov

Sympathy For Mr Vengeance 1080p Camcorder ((FREE))

I watched this movie a day before and what an amazing movie. If you are a fan of Chan-Wook Park and enjoyed his previous part of vengeance trilogy( old boy, sympathy for Mr.vengeance), you need to add this one to your must-see list.

sympathy for mr vengeance 1080p camcorder

Lee Young-ae plays Lee Geumja, trapped and prisoned and ready for vengeance. She delivers her best and makes you believe in her character.Her acting is top-notch when she shares screen space with Min-sik Choi ( Oldboy, New World). Min-sik Choi as Mr Beak is hateful. You actually will hate his character and feel sympathy for Geumja. Other supporting characters do their work honestly. All the characters are interesting you will have a thrill ride watching this masterpiece.


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