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Gabriel Ross

How To Have Windows Live Writer Remember Your Hyperlinks: Using Auto Linking

You might have to install the package first with dnf install system-config-kickstart.\This tool is mainly intended for generating kickstart files for automated installs, not live images, so the output will probably not be usable without editing, but it may help you to generate particular kickstart directives. Remember to add the line %include /usr/share/spin-kickstarts/fedora-live-base.ks at the beginning of your kickstart file to include the base live configuration.

How to have Windows Live Writer remember your hyperlinks: Using Auto Linking

While using the same password for multiple accounts makes it easier to remember your passwords, it can also have a chain effect allowing an attacker to gain unauthorized access to multiple systems. This is particularly important when dealing with more sensitive accounts such as your Andrew account or your online banking account. These passwords should differ from the password you use for instant messaging, webmail and other web-based accounts.


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