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Gabriel Ross

[S3E22] Sharon's Picture

Cricket Blake and Kathie Nelson (Sharon Hugueny) are the only two heirs to a fortune. Kathie's boyfriend Alan March (Chad Everett) wants Kathie's sister Anne Hunter (Paula Raymond) out of the way. Cricket tells Tom Lopaka and Tracy Steele that Alan March is not to be trusted. In spite of that, when Kathie Nelson is poisoned, Lt. Danny Quon (Mel Prestidge) says Cricket appears to be the main suspect, since Anne had mentioned changing her will to make Kathie the sole heir. Tom Lopaka believes the boyfriend set it all up, to get Cricket out of the way of getting his hands on the fortune. Tom, Cricket and Danny Quon set Alan up with a fake newspaper picture of Alan kissing Cricket's hand.

[S3E22] Sharon's Picture


Tom Lopaka, undercover as Surfer Sam, taxi driver Kazuo Kim, and mystery writer Charlene Boggs (Diane McBain) investigate a suicide at a Kauai resort hotel. Actor Steel Lawless (Bill Williams) strikes out in his many attempts to seduce Charlene. Mele (Caroline Kido) is fired from the resort. Olivia Goff (Linda Watkins) and her son Franklin Goff (Douglas Dick) are secretly photographing Charlene, and give her a drugged cocktail. After she passes out, they take blackmail pictures of her in Franklin's arms, making it look like they're embracing. Franklin hits her up for $60,000 in blackmail money.

While it is tough to call them close friends, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have gotten closer as the years have gone by. At least, they've become close enough that they're willing to take selfies with one another. In April, Anderson posted a picture of the two (along with her adorable pup) on Instagram with the caption, "Stella made a new friend today." 041b061a72


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